Theme for the year

Each year I pick a theme for the year. For obvious reasons for 2012 my theme was family. For me that was not just about my immediate family, but how I could bring those qualities to my practice.

How could I bring the best qualities of a father, husband, brother and son to my team, my partners, my clients and my work. Throughout the year, I’ve had the privilege of working with lots of exceptional, talented, amazing people … and many times it has felt like family. I get to do amazing work with people I love – how lucky am I?

And on the theme of family, here’s a final pic of our little girl to take you into Christmas – might be the best photo I’ve ever taken. Check out the drops of water coming off her feet (completely unintentional mind you).

My theme for 2013 is leverage. How can I have a bigger impact, serve more people, and as my friend Rowdy would say, play a bigger game, without taking more of my time and energy.

Love to hear your thoughts – what’s your theme for 2013? You can leave them below.