Fight for three

In my practice there is a lot going on. There are two websites getting launched, two books getting completed (last five percent for both), programs being run, two clusters (new offerings) being launched, someone getting hired etc. Seems to be business as usual. The risk for me is that I either get overwhelmed or simply lost in it.

So every 90 days I pick the three projects that I am going to focus on, that I’ll fight for. There might be 20 active projects getting managed by me and the team, but there are just three I’m fighting for.

My three for last quarter were book transcript completed and submitted to publisher (done), 50 sales in one of my clusters (got 40), and new website launched (missed by a couple of weeks).

This quarter there is one around platform, one around sales and one around documenting our systems.

I do a few things to keep these front of mind. If there is a physical file for the project, that manila folder stays out my desk. The three projects are listed on a Post-it note on my screen. And in Finder (filing system on my Mac), the folders for the three projects are pulled into my favourites, where I can hit them with one click.

Here’s what my desk looks like:

If you’re not sure what three projects to fight for, a good starting point is to remember that as a Thought Leader your job is to think, sell and deliver. So have one project around your thinking, one around sales and one around delivery.

Love to hear your thoughts – what are your three key projects for the quarter? Or what do you think of the idea of fighting for three? You can leave them below.