Thought Leaders CEO Peter Cook has built his business around teaching people how to leverage their expertise commercially. Peter has a passion for progress and an obsession with implementation. He is driven to help people be well rewarded, while doing work they love with people they like the way they want.

Peter is a best-selling author with six books to his name, and another two on the way. These include Implement!, Sell Your Thoughts, and the E-Myth Bookkeeper which he co-authored with Michael Gerber. With over 15 years experience as a consultant to some of the biggest companies in the world, Peter is well-equipped to help thought leaders, business leaders and every day people achieve business and financial mastery.

In his home life, Pete is happily married to his gorgeous wife Trish and father to two amazing daughters Scarlett and Amelie. He is halfway through a six-month course in Spain to be a meditation teacher and maintains a daily meditation practice. He also has a third dan black belt in Aikido, so don’t mess with him!