The 21st century team meeting

A couple of days ago we got together for our quarterly team meeting. Every 90 days the whole team comes together to review the key projects from the last quarter, and to share the key projects for the next quarter. As you might have seen in my previous blog Fight For Three every quarter there are three key projects that we are fighting for.

Another cool thing we do is share a personal project with the team for the next 90 days. The personal projects from the last quarter included a gratitude journal, a renovation, a fitness goal, a recipe book and an “arrange my life so I can be productive anywhere” project.

Here’s a photo of us all coming together:

Team meeting on gotomeeting v3
Team meeting on gotomeeting v3

How brilliant is that?

Cristina and Andrea are in the Philippines (one L, two P’s … I think I’m finally getting it), Col is in Hinchinbrook Island, North Queensland (proving that he has in fact arranged his life to be productive anywhere), and the rest of us are in various parts of Melbourne.

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