Regaining your mojo

A couple of weeks back I had a really flat week. I felt as down as I’ve felt for a couple of years. I wasn’t sure why. A couple of things had gone wrong, but nothing earth shattering. And our little girl was waking up at some inconvenient hours of the night, but that’s nothing new. So for whatever reason I’d lost my mojo. I did a couple of things that helped. The first was lowering my expectations of myself. Normally I set the bar pretty high in terms of productivity, but while I was feeling like that I pulled that back a bit.

The second thing I did was took a day off, on a school day, and went to see a movie. During the week. In the afternoon. It’s something I love doing and hadn’t done since Scarlett was born. (I saw Mud, great movie by the way.)


Earlier this week I spoke to someone who had been suffering clinical depression for six months. A much more serious case of loss of mojo.

She had bought one of our programs but hadn’t implemented it. I asked her how much time a week could she honestly commit to the program. She said she knew she should do half a day a week, and had been telling herself that for the last four months. But of course she wasn’t doing that and was then just feeling worse.

I asked her if she could, hand on heart, commit to one hour a week. That she could do. So we worked out which hour (2 – 3pm on Mondays) and an accountability structure. Again what I was doing was lowering the bar, and reducing expectations.

Mojo is a pretty elusive concept, but I reckon we all know what it is and when it’s missing. And if it is, there is nothing more important than getting it back.

Love to hear your thoughts – what do you do to get your mojo back? You can leave them below.