Projects That Matter

Last week we finally got the council permits we need for the renovations we planned for creating extra space for our little girl. We were hoping to have them in February … don’t get me started on our council and planning permits.

With just over seven weeks to go until Trish is due, it seems like a crazy time to embark on a major building project. But my builder reckons he can get it done before then.

Over that same period of time I have to get my current book finished (ironically about implementation of projects that matter – there’s another 25,000 words to write), create and deliver a workshop in all the major cities across Australia, keep all the usual balls up in the air … and of course prepare for our baby.

It feels a bit nuts. And there’s an argument for postponing the renovation … but we’re doing it now and going hard to get it done before our little girl arrives.

All these things, the renovation, the book and the road show, are projects that matter. They are all really important to me.

And I love my life when my energy is going into implementing important stuff, creating and executing projects that matter.

In fact, I don’t think there is anything more important in any area of our life – our finances, our health, our relationships, our families, our businesses, our teams and our organisations – than the creation and execution of projects that matter. It’s what I want to spend my life doing.

Love to hear your thoughts and experiences. You can leave your comments below..