Just A Game

Earlier this week I was attending an antenatal class preparing for the upcoming birth of our little girl. (Less than two months to go!) This week's class was all about my role as the support person ... and I have to say, after watching a few of the videos I'm not too disappointed not to have the starring role this time around. There was an interesting question that someone asked that got me thinking. We were talking about a natural (drug-free) birth vs. the different interventions that are possible and sometimes medically necessary. A woman asked a question about the risk of being really committed to a natural birth, and then the disappointment if that didn't happen. Wouldn't be safer just to wait and see?

The problem with just "wait and see," in this game (or in any game), is that you are much less likely to get the outcome you are after than if you fully commit. But if you fully commit, you run the risk of giving it your best shot and still failing.

In Thought Leaders we teach a model for building a million dollar practice. And the very first focus, at "White Belt," the first level, is decision. The first thing to do is to commit to the game. And while you are playing any game worth playing, or implementing any project of significance, anything less than 100 percent commitment will make it much less likely you'll succeed.

The trick is when the game is finished and you've failed to realise it was just a game. Even if it's a game that you have given a lot of significance to.

If you are playing a game of footy, during the game you play like it's life or death. And afterwards, you remember it wasn't a war, it was just a game. And that's the best way to be with all our games ... it allows us to commit fully during the game, and stay sane afterwards.

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