Writing and Speaking

Fifteen years past, when they had ridden forth to win a throne, the Lord of Storm’s End had been clean-shaven, clear-eyed, and muscled like a maiden’s fantasy. Six and a half feet tall, he towered over lesser men, and when he donned his armor and the great antlered helmet of his House, he became a veritable giant. He’d had a giant’s strength too, his weapon of choice a spiked iron warhammer that Ned could scarcely lift. In those days the smell of leather and blood had clung to him like perfume. Now it was perfume that clung to him like perfume, and he had a girth to match his height. I love the last two lines of that paragraph (from a song of Fire and Ice by George Martin). Genius at work in my opinion, and I’d love to put a couple of sentences like that together at some stage in my life.

I’m always on the lookout for writing and speaking that inspire me. And I’m trying to get better at both.

When we teach the Million Dollar Expert program we teach a methodology for making money from six different modes of delivery: speaking, authoring, training, mentoring, facilitating and coaching. And if you are in the business of making money as an expert, you will want to be competent across all six.

But I think anyone who wants to be a thought leader needs to work on the first two: speaking and writing. If you are thought leader in a large organisation, or in a small business, or a government department or an academic institute you have to get your ideas out into the world. And you do that by writing and speaking.

Great writing and great speaking will never go out of fashion.

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