Major in productivity

One of the things black belts seem to always talk about when they come together is productivity. To master the thought leaders practice game you need to get really good at getting things done.

I have been harping on about mojo a bit over the last few months and reckon that's a big part of personal productivity. No amount of a-b-c prioritising will overcome the sugar sleep or donut coma that comes from too many Krispy Kremes. 

I think every thought leader should major in productivity. Actually, if we’re going to be true to that metaphor, we should all minor in productivity. I know it doesn’t sound quite as impressive, but major in your thought leadership, and have a minor in getting more stuff done. 

In other words become a lifelong student of productivity. Have a folder of IP that you create on how you get more done. 

Maybe the first step is selecting one of the two platforms Matt Church suggested in his Talking Point on the topic

Or here’s a few different missives I’ve penned on being more productive: 

Projects that matter

Why discipline is over-rated

Make learning how to become massively productive your new night school. It’s the key to dollars up and days down.