You're awesome part II

Last week I sent you a small reminder that you’re awesome. I received a number of replies saying it came at the perfect time, so this week I’m doubling down.

Manu is a meditation teacher who helps runs the retreats I go to in Spain. He's one of my favourite human beings on the planet.

He once told me (and others) that he was better qualified than the voice in my head to assess my progress on this journey. And if I ever wanted to know how I was going, I should ask him and not the voice in my head.

So I do. Whenever I see Manu I ask "how am I going?" And invariably he says "you're doing awesome!" And the strange thing is, I believe him.

Here's the thing. That voice in your head isn't any more qualified to assess your progress than the voice in my head is. It's just not. That voice is there to protect you from threats that (mostly) no longer exist.

Much better to gauge your progress in some other way.