Wrong side of a lot of good work

We have a mantra in Thought Leaders that is very useful - you are on the ‘wrong side of a whole lot of good work’.

While this is a cool phrase in it’s paradoxical structure and as such bends the brain a little, it’s more about the underlying psychological progress principles.

Study after study into positive thinking, optimism and making things happen have shown that while staying upbeat, positive and optimistic is generally a good thing, the critical thing is to stay clear on the size of the task ahead.

Those who are positive they will achieve a goal and at the same time aware of the work it’s going to take will achieve more success, more often than those who simply stay focused on the positive outcome.

The moral to the story is stay up, be optimistic, but make no mistake a journey like becoming a black-belt Thought Leader is epic and will require significant planning, persistence and a strong dose of reality.