Fast or great...choose

For me, production values on our videos are really important. Cam, who does most of our video stuff, is brilliant. He’s all over the audio side of things (which it turns out is the most important bit), lighting, angles, and he’s a wiz in post production.

We’ll usually do a two camera shoot and produce great stuff (for example here’s the video he did emulating the famous learn to dance scene from Footloose with Colin Ellis teaching me to dance).

And video as a means of sharing your message IP is massively important, and getting more important by the day.

So yeah, production values are pretty important to me when it comes to video.

And if I’m honest, I get a little kick out of saying production values too.

Production values.

But … well let me share part of an email I recently sent Cam on this: 


For me the priorities around video production are:

1. Post production done and video live within a week

2. quality of message

........ daylight .........

3. production values

so much so that in most cases I'd rather a video that was shot with an iPhone on a selfie stick and uploaded immediately than a perfect studio video up 3 months later. 


So fast or great? Both, please. But if I have to choose, I’ll take fast (and good enough).