White Belt to Black Belt in 365 Days – The Quest

Hi, and welcome to my Thought Leaders blog. You can find out a bit about me by clicking on my profile. And yes, that’s a painting of me, not a really bad photo as people occasionally think. I’ve just completed Million Dollar Expert (MDE) with Matt Church last week. MDE is about how to build a practice around your thought leadership that makes serious money (a million dollars a year). I’ve been hanging around Thought Leaders for a while, been to a few group mentoring sessions, and read some of the stuff on the website, but this was the first training that I did.

One of the great distinctions that we learned was the Growth Stages of the Million Dollar Expert:

Capture24 I love this model. I love the context of making money, the levels from what belt to black belt and the steps take at level.

Matt suggests that starting from scratch it should take 3 years to get to black belt.

I’ve set myself the quest of getting there in a year – white belt to black belt in 365 days. This blog is going to be my logbook of the journey – I’ll share my victories and challenges.

I’ve been told that this has never been done before. So why am I setting myself this audacious quest?

Firstly; because I’ve now had my coaching practice for 10 years. For the last 9 of those years I’ve been at white belt. I’ve had a couple of businesses along the way too that I’ve made money out of, but as far as my practice is concerned, I’ve been a white belt for 9 years. Its time!

Secondly; I want to have the Thought Leaders Community on my side to make it happen. I know that declaring it publicly will make me much more likely to succeed. I’m going to dig a bit deeper and go a bit further, knowing I’ve got an audience. And I’ll have a powerful community egging me on.

And finally just because I love the idea of a bold, crazy adventure around my thought leadership.

If you want to follow my adventures please lookout for my blog. If you want to give me some encouragement as I’m setting out, please make a comment below, and add me as a friend on Thought Leaders Central.