Being accepted into the TL Mentor

It’s a proud day for me today – I’ve just completed the Thought Leaders Mentor Accreditation Program, and been accepted as a Thought Leaders Mentor. I’ve really enjoyed hanging out with the other mentors - its great to be around a group of intelligent, committed people who are up to big things. Thought Leaders is all about helping clever people become commercially smart, and the mentors are the crew who have put their hands up to make that happen in the world.

It’s a bit like being knighted in the days of King Arthur and joining the round table. It’s certainly not a triangular table (in joke for the other mentors - sorry). Instead of a sword on each shoulder, we were given a jacket and a cap and welcomed into the fold. (and then went out for a scrumptious lunch overlooking the beach at Manly to celebrate).

Here’s a picture of me in my TL jacket and cap with Matt. (if this was a better better photo, you could see the thought leaders logo on the cap, and read Thought Leaders on the jacket - as it is you'll have to take my word for it).


It's been a full on week and a half. I’ve really dived into the deep end of Thought Leaders. Million Dollar Expert on Thursday and Friday, then the Mentor Accreditation Program from Monday to Friday, and setting myself the white belt to black belt in 365 days challenge.

I said to some of the guys at lunch, even though I’ve just arrived, it feels like I’ve come home.

It also feels like a turning a point in my life. And I guess the next 362 days will show if that’s true.