When less is more

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about moving our headquarters temporarily to Bali. Looking at what I need to change in order to run the business remotely and not have an office has been a cleansing and revealing exercise. As a business grows, it starts to have a life of its own. The team grows, stuff accumulates, and more and more time, energy and money can get taken up just keeping things going. I have been ruthlessly going through everything I do and the business does, and asking do we need to do that ... and do I love doing that?

There are a few things I've let go of over the last few of weeks. While I love writing the blog each week, the newsletter has always been stressful.

So I've stopped doing it. And I don't think anyone really misses it. I've changed our weekly team meetings to fortnightly ... And we may even make them monthly.

I've also given up a directorship of a company that I've been on the board of for nearly ten years. It was a difficult decision. I love what the business is about and the people involved, but when I looked at it, I wasn't loving my role anymore. So I resigned, and am feeling better for doing so.

The catalyst for this has been wanting to have a family, and create the space to be a dad. But you don't need a big reason like that. If like most of us you want more time and more money, then stop doing a whole lot of stuff! You will have more energy for the important stuff, be more creative, and subsequently make more money.

I know that I have developed the habit of working hard, putting in the hours, and while that might be effective as an employee its a bad habit for an entrepreneur. I am now breaking that habit!

I'm currently re-reading Tim Ferris's Four Hour Work Week (highly recommended reading by the way). Tim writes about the 80 / 20 rule, that 80% of our results come from 20% of our effort. I'm focussing on that 20%, and saying no to a lot more of the 80%.

What can you let go of? What do you do that you don't love, and you don't need to do? What can you say no to that would have you love your life and your business more?