Seth’s Tribes and a whole new model of Leadership

Seth Godin, author of Purple Cow, all Marketers are Liars and recently Tribes, has come across my desk a couple of times this week. Well, not him personally - and more across my computer screen than my desk - but you know what I mean. The first instance was a link to Seth talking about Tribes on TED. (By the way, if haven't seen TED before, check it out. I've added 'speaking at a TED conference' to my list of things to do before I die). It's 17 minutes, but worth watching if your interested in leadership. He proposes a new model of leadership made possible by the internet based on a notion of tribes, tribes being any group with a common interest that are connected.

He asks three questions at the end of his talk: 1. Who are you upsetting? (Because if you're not upsetting anyone, you're not changing anything); 2. Who are you connecting? And 3. Who are you leading?

Secondly - You're boring. To quote Seth's blog, which I'll give you in full:

"Sorry, someone had to say it. Your products are predictable. Your insights are recycled. You don't bring surprise with you when you enter a room. That's why people are ignoring you."

Which used to be fine, because you could just buy attention for your brand or your company or your sales efforts. But that half-price sale on attention is now over.

The only path left is to lean out over the edge and become interesting, noteworthy and yes, remarkable".

A man who says it like he sees it. And this blog really appealed to me for some reason. I think leading does take leaning over the edge. Standing for something. We talk about standing for love in your business - if you really do that in your business, really stand there, I say that's interesting, noteworthy and remarkable ... and much more.