What would a black belt do?

Last week I quoted Jung about 

making the unconscious conscious


One of the best ways I know to retrain your brain is to act as if you had different beliefs … and eventually the unconscious catches up.

My dad gave me a great example of this from a book on golf, Putting Out of your Mind by Bob Rotella. The author advises that you play as though your handicap was five shots better. So when you are selecting your club or your shot, act as if you are a five shot better player than you are … and eventually you will be.


In Thought Leaders Business School, one of the mantras of our participants is what would a black belt do. Our participants are on the journey to black belt (in our world, that a solo thought leaders practice generating at least $60k a month). A powerful thing to do along the way is to keep taking the actions that they would take if they were already black belt.

It’s not always appropriate to take the same action that a black belt would, but it’s almost always a useful question to ask.

Love to hear your thoughts – what would you do differently if you were asking that question? You can leave them below.