Some Jungian genius



One of my favourite quotes is from Carl Jung:

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

I think this is completely profound. In any learning that you do I reckon a component needs to be about your unconscious beliefs. If I want to get better at speaking, or selling, or playing tennis, it’s critical that I spend some time reflecting on my progress and asking what are the unconscious beliefs getting in the way.

For example when I started selling I had to deal with the unconscious belief that anyone saying no was rejecting me, reinforcing that I wasn’t good enough. Before I realised what was going on I just experienced a strong aversion to selling, and particularly to making an invitation that someone could say no to.

It was only when I reflected enough to realise what was going that I could do something about it. Once I saw that belief, and made the unconscious conscious, I could choose. Before then I was powerless.

Equally if you are teaching anything, it will be much more effective if you devote some of your energy to mindsets, and helping your students make the unconscious conscious.

Love to hear your thoughts – do you pay enough attention to making your unconscious conscious? You can leave them below.