The Power of a Project Partner

Finished my book on Monday! That's not actually relevant to my blog, but I'm telling everyone. (And I'm sure I'll find some tenuous link to what I'm talking about.) It's called Implement! Why the creation and execution of projects that matter is all that matters. Coming soon to all good bookshops near you (or at the very least to my website)!

This blog is about another project that matters in my world (nice segue, I know), The Money Workshop.

Once a year I run The Money Workshop here in Melbourne. It's a pretty cool workshop (at least I think so) and we do it 100% for one of our favourite charities, The Hunger Project. So we pay for the venue, printing, catering et cetera, and 100% of the ticket price goes to the project we are funding in Senegal, West Africa.

My game this year is to get 50 people along and to contribute $20k to The Hunger Project. And I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole thing. It's on the first weekend in September, our daughter is about to arrive, and it was all feeling like a bit of a slog.

So I invited a bunch of people onto the team. And everyone who I asked to be a champion for the program and spread the word said they would. And a bunch of people also said they would crew at the event. At this point I was feeling a bit better.

But then I asked the amazing Heidi Heywood to be my project partner and to be jointly accountable with me for making the whole thing happen. And she accepted! And it was amazing - straight away I felt excited about the project again. Instead of being hard work, it felt like fun.

Which lead me to conclude that project partners (and Heidi in particular) rock! I highly recommend you get one.

Love to hear your thoughts and experiences - when have you had a partnership that rocked? You can leave your comments below.