The secret to success

I was interviewed on a podcast recently and was asked what is the one secret to success. 

 I reckon the answer I gave was pretty annoying. 

I said time in the game. There is no substitute to sticking at it. Being a decade into your thing comes with a certain amount of gravitas that you can’t get any other way. 

Phil Anderson, a famous Australian cyclist who once came 4th in the Tour de France, says in cycling there is no substitute for kilometres in the legs. Years and years of hundreds of kilometres every week. That’s what it takes to be an elite cyclist. There is no short cut. 

It’s an annoying answer because there is nothing you can do if you’re just starting out to fast track that. But it’s a good answer if you’ve already got some km’s in the legs so to speak.

For the last two decades my friend Lynne Cazaly has been thinking about (and teaching) how we can do work better. And that’s the secret to Lynne’s success. Her fabulous book ish may have got written in six months, but really, it’s taken 20 years.