Bushfires hit LYB Community

This week I want to dedicate my blog to a couple of members of the Love Your Business Community who have been directly effected by the fires in Victoria. To Bernie and Karen and everyone at the BACS team, and Hellen and the DCA team, our thoughts and love are with you.


Here are the messages from Debbie at BACS and Jane at DCA, including how you can help directly.

Good Morning Everyone,

Just an update of the BACS newsletter we sent out earlier this week, attached is a picture, which shows Bernie standing in front of what remains of his home.

We are pleased to say that Karen (his wife) has finally been able to be with him after the road was cleared by police.

Many clients have contacted us to offer their assistance. At this stage, there is little we can do, but I have let Bernie know of your support and I will pass onto you any information or request that Bernie and Karen may have.

I mentioned in the newsletter that donations could be made into the fund that the government has set up. Many people have contacted us though because they want to donate directly to Bernie. So if you would like to do this it is best if the money is transferred into the BACS account and we will transfer any donations received into his account as one lump sum.

We would like to send through any money received by Monday, on Tuesday morning so if you transfer funds by the weekend we will be able to get the money to him quickly.

The details of our bank account are as follows:

BACS Bookkeeping Pty Ltd

Victorian Teachers Union

BSB: 704 191

Account No: 174039

On behalf of Bernie and Karen thank you for thoughts and prayers and support. It means a great deal.

Regards Deb Roberts, BACS Bookkeeping

Victorian Bushfires - A very personal note.

The Bushfires that have devastated much of Victoria over the weekend and continuing into this week have caused much distress and heartache to many Australians. Many of our team, clients, friends and family all over Australia have been personally affected by the fires.

DCA would like to express our deep heartfelt sympathy to those who have been affected, those who have lost their homes and most distressingly to the relatives and friends ofthose who have lost their lives. We would like to say a genuine thankyou to the men and women of the CFA and the thousands of volunteers for the amazing work they have done and are continuing to do to protect our state and all of those who live in the fire ravaged areas.

On a personal note, Hellen Fisher from our DCA team and the writer and editor of our newsletters is a resident of the Kinglake community and thankfully was able to escape safely from the fires with herself and her 3 children.

Unfortunately, Hellen did lose her house, car and all of her possessions in the fires and is currently staying with family until the time comes that she can begin preparing to start her life over. Many of our clients and friends have asked how they can best support people affected by the fires and more so how they can personally help any of our team affected and for this we thank you.

For those of you who would like to help out on a personal level we have set up a fund for Hellen ,to help her get back on her feet and start to create some normality for herself and her children in the coming weeks. Details of how you can help are on our (DCA) website. For those who are interested in helping out in other ways, we have further details on our website.

With love and heavy hearts. The DCA Team.