An acknowledgement file?

What on earth is an acknowledgement file I hear you ponder. I’m glad you asked.

I reckon my mojo (my confidence, my self-belief) is the most important thing I have in my practice. I’ve written before about protecting your self-talk and regaining your mojo.

WFP 20140220
WFP 20140220

So as much as possible I try and keep my self-talk positive. One thing I do to help with that is to keep an acknowledgement file, which sits in Evernote. I know I don’t seem to have trouble remembering when I get any criticism or negative press along the way. But I can rush too quickly over anything positive that comes in. Recently a friend sent me a text saying (and I’m imagining a Yoda voice when I read this) “rock, do you”. Straight into the acknowledgement file. Likewise a recommendation on LinkedIn from someone I really respect. Or the email from some at NASA who said he loved my book and they were using the project checklist in his department now (in NASA … NASA is using my checklist … how cool is that!).

One of the cool side effects is that I’m now on the lookout for stuff that can go into the file. My radar is up for any acknowledgements that come my way, and I notice them more. I’ve also added reviewing the file to my month-end procedure.

Which is all good for my mojo.

Love to hear your thoughts – what do you think about keeping an acknowledgement file? You can leave your comments below.