You can't make money from schools...Or can you?

If you've been watching The Project on Channel Ten at all recently, you've likely heard Adam Voigt speaking on the topic of education. He is now the "go to expert" on schools and education in this country, such is the power of his positioning.

Of course, it wasn't always the case.

I met Adam when his practice was at white belt. What I love about his story is how he has gone from white belt to black belt in a market (schools) that everyone thinks you can't make money from.  

Here's a video he shot early on in his journey at a Thought Leaders Business School immersion (by which time he had reached yellow belt, and had his first blue belt month). He definitely hasn't lost the school principal voice.  

From there, his practice continued to grow. It was a tweak to his key cluster - the way that the delivery was packaged - which made his practice really pop. At this point, he started to blast his way up the revenue ladder and have the impact that he wanted to have in education. Here's a more recent video. 

Now, Adam is a black belt. His IP is being rolled out in schools around the country, and has been utilised by the Tasmanian department of education to direct the development of schools across the state. He is assisted in the education sector by a growing team of experts helping others implement the IP, and he is now rolling out cultural development programs for organisations outside of the education sector.

Here's Adam appearing on The Project on Channel Ten, his positioning now making him a national authority in the world of schools and education.

It's an inspiring example of someone who had done the work over a number of years to build a successful practice, and is now literally changing the face of education in this country.