Yellow Belt!!! (and a new financial year invitation)

Yellow Belt

I am now officially a yellow belt! June was my first $20k month. The training day that was rescheduled didn’t come through in June, but I hit the jackpot on my talk on Tuesday. I was paid $450 to speak to a room of bookkeepers, and then sold $12k of product as a result, which was enough to tip me into yellow belt.

Getting over the line for my yellow belt and going to Summit yesterday was a great way to finish off the financial year.

Invitation for the new financial year

Go to the white belt to black belt discussion forum below and declare what belt you are aiming for be the end of the financial year.

A good rule of thumb is aim to climb two belts a year. Typically the white belt to black belt journey takes 3 committed years. So if you are starting out, you might aim to be yellow belt at the end of the year. If you’re a green belt, you could aim for red.

Or of course if you’re a bit crazy and / or impatient like me, go for more. And if you want to have a crack at white belt to black belt in the year, I’d love to have you as part of that club.

Why set a goal for yourself and declare it? Thought Leaders is about clever people being commercially smart. The danger for us is that we are clever people just being clever. We can get seduced by thinking and ideas, and avoid the commercialising part. Having a commercial goal for the year keeps it front of mind, especially if everyone knows about it. And as we all know, declaring the goal publicly makes it much more likely you’ll achieve it.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, you can leave them here.