With Love Señor

Last weekend we had the privilege of training with Sensei Michael Moreno. Rodrigo (pictured on the left) is one of my teachers. He’s originally trained in Mexico and is a 4th Dan, so don’t mess with him if you come across him in a dark alley. And Michael Moreno is his teacher. He’s a 6th Dan, and with his father he introduced Aikido to Mexico, so you really don’t want to mess with him.

For 362 days a year Rodrigo throws us around like rag dolls. And then for 3 days we see his teacher do the same to him, but to the power of 10. It’s a phenomenal sight. (And while I probably shouldn’t say it, there is a guilty pleasure I get watching Rodrigo getting thrown with such ferocity.)

There are a lot of things that I take from Aikido and apply to business, and to life. I have been reflecting on what I’ve taken away from the last weekend.

When Moreno Sensei trains, he gives everything. His Aikido is very martial and very direct. He puts everything into it. As does Rodrigo, his student. They both sweat in every class they teach (with most instructors the students will be sweating much more than the teachers, not with these guys).

Rodrigo often says to me “with love, señor.” He means he wants me to put everything into my throw, not to hold anything back.

And this week I’m taking that lesson back into life. Whatever I am doing, I am doing 100 per cent… I’m leaving nothing in the tank (or at least that’s my intent). I’m doing it with love.

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