The two blog rule

I often get asked “Pete, how do you produce such a prolific quantity of high quality blogs?”.

OK … to tell the truth I’ve never been asked that question. But when the day comes and someone does ask me, I’ll have the answer ready.

The two-blog rule.

The rule is whenever I sit down to write a blog, I have to then write a second one.

I have an Evernote file called (not very imaginatively) Blog Ideas. And as you’ve probably guessed, whenever I have an idea for a blog, I write it down there.

And I like to have a few blogs up my sleeve at any time. I don’t like to be thinking that I have a blog due today, what am I going to write? I operated like that for too many years – it’s not the way to go.

Whenever I have the space, time and inspiration to write a blog (or I’m running out of blogs ready to go) I’ll write a blog. And then I go through my list of blog ideas and force myself to write another.

It’s a nice little productivity hack that helps me maintain the output I want, and one I recommend.