The thing to do forever

I heard a great interview with the fabulous Elvis Costello talking about how each album he recorded was new. His music went from blues to rock to country, and so on. 

Interestingly his record company always wanted the next album to be the same as the last. But Costello is a songwriter, an artist, not a marketing machine.  

Similarly Louis CK is famous for writing a completely new act every year. Each year he starts completely from scratch, not using any of his old material.  

Being a thought leader is like being an artist.  

Actually, it is being an artist. Your thinking is your art.  And you need to keep producing, to keep thinking. As Matt Church says, its not thought repeatership. It’s not I-had-a-thought-once-a-ship. It’s thought leadership.  

So when thought leaders in Thought Leaders Business School have completed their 101 pink sheets – their 101 distinct ideas captured and uploaded onto our online platform – we say great, now go and do your next 101.  

Likewise when someone completes their book we say congratulations. Celebrate. Enjoy. 
Now go and write another book a year for the next decade. 
Keep thinking. Keep producing. Keep publishing.