The stand up comedy project

This week I’m doing a stand up comedy course that culminates in a performance next Monday night that’s actually part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Cool huh? (If you’re in Melbourne and want to come along and see me and 10 other crazy fools make our stand up debuts, shoot me an email and I’ll let you know how to get a ticket.)

It struck me that the course has been designed as a perfect project, with all the elements needed to optimise implementation.

1.    It’s been designed as a project. There is a clear ‘what by when’ - a stand up performance, Monday the 22nd of April at the Comedy Club. 2.    The Methodology is laid out for us. Robert Grayson who runs the program has lots of experience as a comedian, and teaching comedy. 3.    The context is clear. The big focus on day one was why are we doing this. What is the primary purpose. For me its to ‘be more funnier’ in my speaking and training, not to launch a stand up comedy cluster in my practice. 4.    There is great support, both from Robert and from the other participants. 5.    Accountability. Having a show with a bunch of friends and family coming along is a great accountability structure (what I call public accountability). A good incentive to do the work and come up with something that hopefully gets a few laughs.

I also love that the project is so tight – it’s one week from the project starting to the performance. No time to muck around. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Love to hear your thoughts. You can leave your thoughts below.