The right amount of urgency

In my mind anything I produce has a two-year shelf life. If I launch a program I expect to run it for two years. If I record a video I think it will last two years before I replace it. When I do a refresh of a website I imagine it will be two years before it happens again.  

Which means if I re-write my website but then take three months to actually publish the changes, that's one eighth of the life of that work wasted.  

If I record a great session and it takes me 6 months to do the post-production, that's 25 percent of its value down the drain.  

We recently spent two days shooting a bunch of Thought Leaders curriculum videos. We hired a studio, Cam set up an amazing four-camera shoot. And the options we get in post-production with four streams to play with ... awesome.  

We want the curriculum to be world’s best. But as I said to Cam, if it means we wait three months for it to be live, it’s not worth it. I'd rather have one camera and a green screen, and be told that each video had to be one take and no edits, if that’s what it takes to get it live straight away.