The more we love, the more we thrive… in action

I caught up with Fabrice last night. Fabrice is a good friend of mine who works for Accenture - a large consulting company where I worked a lifetime ago. A little while back I told him a bit about what we are up to with Love Your Business, and gave him a new business card. On the back of the card (as well as on our website and email signature) it says the more we love, the more we thrive.

Last night Fabrice told me something very cool.

He told me that he often thinks about that phrase - the more we love, the more we thrive. And that whenever he has a difficult situation at work he tries to apply it. He thinks how can I bring love into this situation. He remembers that everyone involved is doing their best.

I was inspired ... And it's something that I am going to apply more consciously myself.

What parts of your business or your life could use a bit more love?