Stop Selling

I had a coffee with someone recently who was interested in thought leadership. I was talking about Thought Leaders Business School, and he said to me that I’d really have to convince him that it would work for him.

I told him that I wasn’t going to try and convince him of anything. I would happily answer questions and clarify things, but that was it.


It was something that Matt Church  taught me – you never actually sell anything, you only give people opportunities to buy. We talk about that as authoritative selling - “this is what I know, and I help these sort of people with these problems get these results. If that sounds like you, let’s talk.”

(Anyone in Thought Leaders Business School reading this, this doesn’t let you off the hook for your sales targets or activity targets for the quarter. Whatever your activity target is, you can just translate that to the number of people you need to get in front of, who will get the opportunity to buy your program).

If you find yourself trying to convince people of something, stop. It doesn’t work.

Love to hear your thoughts – do you sell too hard? You can leave them below.