Speak for Effect

Speak for effect
Robert Rabbin, my first speaking mentor, taught me to speak for effect (his words). He told me that great speaking is not about what you say, but about what they hear, remember & use.

That idea has had a profound impact on me, and I now always prepare a talk thinking about what would I want people to remember a week later. And more importantly, what would they have used. Think about the last time you saw someone speak … and now think about what you remembered from that, and what you have used. Scary, huh?

My current speaking mentor, Matt Church, says something remarkable similar - You don’t matter, they don’t care and nobody’s listening. (And he calls himself a motivational speaker!)

If we want to have an impact we have to understand what we are speaking into – an audience with a million things already going on, and already experiencing information overload. To get through that, and to make a difference, takes something special.

Matt taught me that to do that, and to be a world class presenter is about great content and great delivery.

If you are a thought leader, or a leader within an organisation, speaking is just part of the job. May as well make it effective, and shoot for world class.

Love to hear your thoughts – how do you go about speaking for effect? You can leave them below.