Show me the money

I had a great conversation with Donna (my business manager) about what to prioritise in our practice. Did I mention how fabulous Donna is? I highly recommend getting to green belt and getting a business manager … but I digress. We were talking about priorities. A couple of days earlier I had spoken to a prospect for one of my programs when I was driving, and he said he was in. Great I said, Donna will give you a call, get your details and register you into the program. When I was meeting Donna a couple of days later he was on her list of calls to make today. I have to say that’s not surprising - we are completely swamped, there is much more to do than either of us could possibly do, so we are constantly choosing what to prioritise.

What I said to Donna is that the highest priority is always closing the sale, and bringing in the money. A sale isn’t made until the money is in, and the longer we leave it between someone saying yes, and that person paying us, the higher the chances of the yes becoming a maybe (and needing to be sold again) or becoming a no.

It sounds a bit mercenary, but I’m very clear that our practice is here to make money. If there is money that we can get this week instead of next week, I want it this week. If we have someone’s credit card details, I want it processed today, not tomorrow. And I want my team thinking the same way.

Where does bringing in the money sit on your priority list? I'd love to hear your thoughts, you can leave them below.