Preach what we need to hear

I love this song, Get Out Of Your Own Way by U2

Bono says in his introduction to this clip that it’s a song they wrote for their daughters. And as I’m a dad with two little girls, that already gave me shivers.  

And then he says that we preach what we need to hear.  

We preach what we need to hear. I LOVE that.  

Or said another way, we teach what we need to learn. Which is so, so useful for thought leaders working out what our expertise is.  

I’ve taught personal finance, implementation, sales, business and thought leadership. And all of these domains were things I wanted to master, things I needed to learn. Not things that I was already a guru in.  

So if you’re looking for where your expertise lies, don’t look to what you’ve mastered, but where you’ve made mistakes. Where there is a bit of darkness. And where you want to learn more.  

And then, as the song says, get out of your own way.