Play a smaller game

I think there is a lot to be said for playing small winnable games.

Sounds a bit strange. Isn’t it better to aim high? To aim to:

  • launch the next unicorn (billion dollar) start-up

  • become the Australian Oprah

  • win gold at the Olympics

  • sell a million copies of your book

  • save the world (whatever your version of that is)

Actually no. All of these are statistically so unlikely that they are virtually impossible. They are all out of your control – they need a lot of luck. And finally, they are so big that you can’t be held accountable for achieving it … and can’t hold yourself accountable.

At Thought Leaders we love small games. Capture 101 ideas. Get an offer to market and make $10k a month within 90 days. Write a book.

Even getting your practice to black belt ($720k a year) within 3 years. While this may not seem that small, especially from white belt, it’s significantly smaller than the vision for most business that are launched.

Yes, all these games take something. But they are all relatively small, and achievable.

Better for your confidence, productivity and for the world if you’re winning small games than procrastinating on big ones.