Pete, why do you work so much?

Every second week I have the pleasure of hanging out with my two nephews, Jarrah and Sam, and doing pretty much whatever they want to do. Jarrah is four and Sam is coming up to two. Last Sunday we were sitting in a cafe sipping our babycinos and my cup-of-cino (Jarrah normally orders, and he thinks a cappuccino is a cup-of-cino, and I think that's too cool to correct), when Jarrah asked me an interesting question.

"Pete, why do you work so much? Why do you work on Saturdays Pete?"

I told him that perhaps my business model needed tweaking, I'm excited about lots of different projects and maybe I'm too scattered and not focussed enough, that when I feel overwhelmed I could be inefficient and that sometimes I procrastinate.

He wasn't really satisfied with that answer.

Why do I work so hard? Am I a workaholic?

I think all the answers I gave Jarrah are correct, but also I've just got into the habit of working hard. There is always stuff to do, and so I keeping doing it.

Currently I make sure I have at least one day a week where I do no work, don't check my emails, don't take business calls, and don't think about the business. I'm also planning to get a lot done in the next two months, and then do a lot less in the following two months when we're in Bali.

Do you work too much? And if so, why?