One sale or two

There are times when there is a new product or service that it is necessary to make two sales. 

When personal computers first came out the first sale was you should get a personal computer, the second sale was you should get ours. One sale or two

The first time I bought a mobile phone in the 90’s I was sold first on the benefits of a mobile phone, then on the particular Nokia that I bought.

And when I was running Love Your Business, I had to first sell the idea of more love in business and then sell me as the person the to help with that.

Then there are times when you only have to make one sale.

Now no-one sells the benefits of a personal computer. That’s a given. They just sell why this one over that one.

Likewise when we sell our thought leadership programs we’re not selling the idea of running a practice. We’re not promoting the idea of leaving your job to run a practice selling your expertise. We’re saying if this is the game you are playing, if you are trying to make money as an expert, we can help.

I cannot say this strongly enough. You want to be making one sale, not two. I’ll say that again. You want to be making one sale.

Practically what that means is that you want to be talking to people who are already looking to solve the problems that can help them with, or are already looking for the benefits that you provide. Then the sale is that you are the person they should work with.

Making two sales is just too hard.

Love to hear your thoughts – are you making one sale or two? You can leave them below.