My psychology around money is unhealthy ...

My mate, marketing Ninja and frequent muse for my blog Col sent me an email asking for some mentoring around money. He said that “perhaps my psychology around money is unhealthy”.

Col told me that he wasn’t doing some of the things he knew he should be doing (certainly not Robinson Crusoe there), and he thought that perhaps if he was more motivated by money he would be.

I observed four things about Col regarding money:

  1. He tracks exactly where his money went
  2. He spends less than he earned
  3. He has a clear game to get to financial independence
  4. He is winning his game

That collates almost exactly to the behaviours of the wealthy identified in The Million Next Door by Thomas Stanley and William Danko.

So I wasn’t much use to Col in getting more things ticked off his to do list, but hopefully he’s feeling a bit better about his money.

And I reckon the four things above are a pretty good checklist to calibrate your relationship to money against.  

Love to hear your thoughts – how do you stack up against these? You can leave them below.