More vs Enough

I was speaking to a very successful thought leader earlier this week. She has just signed a book deal, is in demand, charging very well, and told me she’s booked for every day in March.

She was also telling me about the things she doesn’t have time for, including her own development. I asked her how much she wanted to earn, and her answer was as much as possible.

I told her I thought that was a mistake and a recipe for burnout.

Having said that, always wanting more is a very common mindset. Our culture is obsessed with more – a bigger house, a faster car, more toys, more shoes, more, more, more.

In a world of scarcity more is always great. Throughout our evolution food was generally scarce and hard work. More food was pretty much always a good thing. A good strategy was to eat as much as you could. And we evolved to store excess when it was available for times when it wasn’t.

Now, if you live in the first world, food is pretty much always in abundance. The strategy of more isn’t so crash hot. And arguably it’s what’s causing record levels of obesity and a dropping of life expectancy for the first time in living memory.

I reckon it’s the same in business. When you’re starting out, more is a great strategy. Get more sales, more customers, more revenue, more profit.

However when you’re successful and in demand, ‘how much is enough?’ is a great question to ask. And if your product is you, and you’re running a practice, that becomes critical. We need to switch from selling as many days, programs and sessions as possible to working out what enough looks like and making that happen.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – how much is enough? You can leave them below.