Might do

I love a good productivity hack more than most. Last week I wrote about the ideal week – essentially a productivity hack. And I’m forever hacking my calendar, task list, morning ritual, working environment, and anything else I can think of.

But if I had to pick one productivity hack that trumps all the rest it would be this.


Telling the truth.

Keeping promises you make to others. And ultimately, keeping the promises you make to yourself. If you want to get stuff done, I don’t think there is a more important muscle to build than your integrity. Tell the truth and keep your promises.

It’s an interesting experiment to try telling the truth. I’ve actually taken a vow of truthfulness (which is another story I promise I’ll tell in a bit). And one of the things that happened is I noticed how automatically I lie. Or at least how loose I am with what I commit to.

Gaz, my trainer, is a lovely guy (burpees aside). And he often says “say hi to Trish” as I leave. And my standard response was always “will do.”

But then I caught myself. I actually only will if I remember. And if I’m going to promise it, then I need to write it down. So I could add to my task list “tell Trish Gaz says hi”. In which case I may as well just text her that Gaz says hi. But hell, if Gaz wants to say hi that much, he can just text her … why am I doing his admin?

I explained my dilemma to Gaz. And now whenever Gaz says “say hi to Trish” I say “might do.” 

I reckon it’s worth trying. For a week, tell the truth. Love to hear how you go.