Life or Death

In my last blog I wrote about aiming to

fail 50%

of your projects.     

I also reckon you need to treat each project like it’s life or death – commit 100%. I think most people play it too safe with the projects that they launch, and then don’t commit fully to the ones that they do.

Life or Death
Life or Death

It’s a paradox – aim to fail half of them, but treat them like it’s life or death when we’re in it.

When we watch a movie, we create the illusion in our mind that it’s real, the characters are alive, the plot is really happening. Then at the end we remember that it was only a movie.

It should be the same for our projects. While we are in them we create the illusion that it’s life or death, that it matters way more than it actually does. Our mindset and way of being is 100% committed.

Then at certain points we step back and remind ourselves that it’s just a project that we made up, we review the progress and decide whether to call it a fail or not. If we decide to continue, we go back to our illusion, and commit 100% again.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – do you fully commit to your projects that matter? You can leave them below.