Head Office Moves to Bali ... Temporarily

I've just come home from a couple of weeks in Bali. It was a perfect holiday. No phone, no computer... Lots of beautiful sunrises and sunsets, bungalows on the beach, walks through the rice paddies, old and new friends, and outrageously cheap (we hired a car for AU$12 a day). Lots of time to just be and time to think. As I was sitting looking over the ocean in our little bungalow on the beach I thought to myself 'I could get used to this'.

I thought about it a bit more, and started to wonder if it would be possible to really get used to it. I talked to Trish and we decided to come back for a couple of months in December and January, and to try running the business from Bali.

If I can get set up with a phone and the internet, I can do most of the things I normally do in Australia.

I think it will be good for my coaching clients too. If I'm in a completely different environment, a whole new world, I'll see things differently. I'll be more relaxed, more creative, and come up with ideas that I simply wouldn't while sitting in my Melbourne office. So while my clients won't get to see my pretty face for a few weeks, they will get a fresh perspective and few ideas for them and their business.

It also means I'm walking our talk. We say that loving your business is the key to more money, more time and more meaning. And I love the idea of having a business that I can run from anywhere in the world!

What radical change could you make that would give you more money, time or meaning ... and have you love your business more? If you can't think of something, at the very least schedule a proper holiday with no computer and no phone!