Forget about your conversion rate

A very rough formula for success in anything is that success equals attempts times conversion rate.

For a test batsman success could be considered your total number of runs, and this equals your number of innings (attempts) times your average (conversion rate).

Don Bradman, the best cricketer ever, had 80 attempts at batting in test cricket. On average he scored 99.94 runs per innings. And while other cricketers have scored more runs, no one has gotten close to that average.

The only way to get more runs as a cricketer is to increase your batting average. The number of attempts you get is limited by how many test matches there are in any given year. And it doesn’t matter how good you are, you can’t get more matches scheduled so you can score more runs.

School is like that. There are a finite number of subjects, of assignments and of tests. You can’t just double the number of subjects you try or tests you take. 

BUT - and this is huge - life isn’t like that. In life, there isn’t a limited number of attempts. And the big mistake we make in life is treating it like it's test cricket or school. We focus on increasing our conversation rate (our batting average). Generally, it's much more effective to increase the number of attempts. 

If you want to have more great ideas, don’t work on having your ideas be better, the conversion rate. Just work on having more ideas. 

Want to make more sales? Have more sales meetings, approach more people. 

And in your practice, launch more clusters. Get more things to market quicker. (Ideally one every three months until you hit black belt).