Don’t make me click through to your blog to read your newsletter

WFP 20140122

OK, I’ll admit that I was guilty of this too. Back in the day, if someone signed up for the Word from Pete, I’d send them one paragraph and then make them click through to the blog to read the rest. My hope was that once they got there they couldn’t help themselves, they would keep exploring, and eventually buy something.

What I eventually realised was that I had broken the deal. The deal was they would give me their email address in exchange for me sending them some valuable content once a week. But then I reneged on the deal, and made them take an extra step - our very first interaction in a lot of cases was me being just a bit manipulative and disrespectful.

The most valuable thing I have in my practice is my time and attention. If I sign up to your newsletter I am giving you a bit of that time and attention in the hope that your ideas are going to inspire and inform me. But I’m not going to click on something to get them - that’s not the deal. And I’ll probably unsubscribe if you make me.

Love to hear your thoughts - am I being too harsh? Was I really being just a little bit manipulative and disrespectful? You can leave them below.