Don't do internet marketing ... yet

WFP 20140326

I can get pretty angry about people selling internet marketing courses. The reason? Mostly and for most people, they don't work. And I reckon the people selling the courses know that.


I actually love internet marketing. In my businesses we spend a lot of money on Google, LinkedIn and Facebook ads. We have sophisticated marketing funnels with landing pages, free videos, webinars and short programs all leading to bigger programs. These are all split-tested up the wazoo with detailed Infusionsoft campaigns and conversion metrics ... and I love all of that stuff.


What I don't love is when people are sold this stuff as a way to make money without doing the work first. When it’s a get-rich-quick, make-easy-money strategy.


Because it's not easy. The reason that internet marketing courses don't work for most people most of the time is that they come along without having built the thing they want to sell.


If you are a thought leader, diving into complex internet marketing can be a great form of procrastination. That’s why I say don’t do it yet.


The first thing to do is to get a $3,000-$8,000 offering (cluster) that is awesome, that you can sell one-on-one and that you’re making $10k a month from. That’s the job. Do the work to make that happen.


Then when you want to take it from $10k a month to $30k a month, and only then, start to think about how internet marketing can help.


Love to hear your thoughts – have you gone down the internet marketing vortex too soon? You can leave them below.