Do your job

There was a bit of controversy in the Australian cricket team last week. Currently the Australian team is in India getting comprehensively thrashed in a four test series (down three nil at the moment).

Last week the coaching staff tried an interesting intervention. They asked all the players to submit a report, either written or verbal, about what they could contribute to turning things around. Four players didn't respond by the deadline and were dropped from the team for the next match.

There was an uproar in the cricketing fraternity, with lots of ex-players saying the punishment was too harsh, that these aren't school kids who should be given homework etc.

I'm of a different opinion. I think it's fair enough to expect them to do their job, to do what their boss asks, and that there will be consequences if they don't.

I've been running my own businesses and engaging staff for over a dozen years now, as well as working with hundreds of business owners and managers. And I have to say, I've become much more ruthless over that time. My mantra is now hire slowly and fire fast, and set the bar high.

I think the Australian cricket players have a job that many people would give their right arm for (except that they wouldn't then be able to play, but you get my point). Getting paid half a million dollars a year or more to play a game you love, that tens of thousands of people play for free because they enjoy it and travelling the world to do it sounds pretty cool.

Love to hear your thoughts - what do you make of the whole incident? You can leave your thoughts below.