Delivering Magic

Last week I wrote about Chronos and Kairos the two words the ancient Greeks used for time. The former refers to chronological or sequential time, the latter signifies a time in between – critical moments.

Basically I said that to work effectively we need to manage chronological time. But working masterfully in any field requires creating, recognising and taking advantage of kairos, critical moments.

I was talking about this idea with Robert Rabbin and he helped me see a whole other layer of this idea for Thought Leaders delivering their expertise.

Effective delivery is chronological. So a competent trainer or speaker will know what ideas they want to share, what content they want to cover, and manage their time and the audience’s attention to do that.

Masterful delivery is when we create Kairos for our audience or our clients - when through our speaking, training, writing, mentoring, coaching or facilitating we can create critical moments for someone else; when as a result of our thought leadership, and our delivery of that, someone else’s life pivots.

And that requires being present, being connected, and being willing to let go of whatever was planned in order to deliver the thing that will create magic.

That’s now my aim for any speech I deliver, any training program, or any mentoring session. Can I provide a critical moment for my client that has the potential to change everything? And that’s what I’m looking for if get mentored, or go to a workshop, or read a book.

Love to hear your thoughts, how do you deliver magic for others? You can leave them below.