Customer service fights back

You may have read my blog last week: the worst customer service ... ever! Well I'm happy to report this week that customer service fights back! I said in my last blog that a stuff up is actually a great opportunity to have someone love your business - strange as that sounds. Well another business had that opportunity with me this week.

I had seen a link in Facebook to a seminar this Saturday – Productise or Die , and decided to go. It’s $97, and productising is one of my foci for the quarter (finally get to use foci in a blog – pretty happy with that).

Then I went to register – got my credit card out, and entered my details. A couple of pages in I am sent through to PayPal, and turns out the $97 is in US dollars, not Australian dollars. That annoyed me. If I had know it was $150 from the start I probably still would have done it, but I felt I had been tricked, so I stopped, and shut it down.

I then decided to send them an email to let them know ... If someone had that experience on my website, I’d like to at least get an email. This was Thursday night before Easter, about 10:30pm (I know, I was trying to get everything finished before Easter).

Five minutes later I got an email from the owner of the business apologising, thanking me for letting them know, telling me it is definitely Australian dollars and saying she’d call me to make it easier for me to register. Five minutes later we were on the phone discussing how sad it was that we were both still at work ... But I had registered into the seminar, and was left feeling looked after.

I’m looking forward to the workshop.