Context is Decisive

You may recall from my last blog that I was in Brisbane for a course a couple of weeks ago. I flew in and got there an hour early, so I decided to drop off my stuff and get coffee. I have to admit I’m a bit of a coffee snob, and coming from Melbourne I was a bit worried about getting a coffee in Brisbane. While the weather might be beautiful one day and perfect the next, that’s not how I remember the coffee.

So I asked the lovely Anna where the best place to get a coffee was. There’s a great little Italian place just round the corner she said.

Perfect answer, I thought. I pictured Marios (Brunswick St Icon for those not from Melbourne), but a bit smaller. Little round tables with table cloths. A shelf behind the counter with those crazy little Italian soft drinks. An old Italian guy making coffee. Perhaps some classy music playing softly.

It’s called La Dolce Vita, she said. Wow ... This just keeps getting better. This is what I found:


Not exactly a scene out of the old country! (although I have to admit, the coffee was pretty good).

Context is decisive! A “great little Italian place” around the corner has a very different meaning in Brisbane than it does in Melbourne!