Be easy to buy

I’ve been running Thought Leaders information sessions for coming up to seven years letting people know about Thought Leaders Business School

And I reckon I’m pretty good at them. I teach people how to design these sorts of sessions. 

One of our mantras is “be easy to buy.”

Yet in a recent review of our own process I realised we were anything but. 

What we used to do was talk through our flagship program, and then let people apply for that. It’s a $25k program, so it’s a pretty serious commitment. We’d let people know that the Foundation Program is included in the tuition. And that they could pull out and only pay the deposit. 

We realised we were effectively asking people to get married on our first date. 

So now instead we invite people into our Foundation Program – a $1500 commitment. That’s the program that is designed to help an expert get their practice to $10k a month, and to get them ready for business school. 

It’s more like saying let’s have a second date. Let’s invest a bit and get to know each other. 

Then, to make it even easier to buy, we made it free for the first month. So people could check it out, and then pull out in the first month and not pay anything. 

It turns out our payment software didn’t like free, so we changed it $1 to get started, and then 3 monthly payments of $500. 

The result is a lot more people are taking the next step. 

So … keep reviewing and improving what you do, and keep looking for ways to be even easier to buy.  

Here’s what the offer looks like to get started for $1 (and you’re welcome to take advantage of it too).